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Bye Red River...For Now

This post is to let you know what we did during the last few weeks we had in Red River New Mexico before we headed east. At the end of August our friend was leaving for the winter and needed to winterize his cabin so it was time to move on down the road to the next temporary home. We were not ready to leave Red River so we contacted one of the RV parks in town, after meeting with them they agreed to let us stay for the last month they were open. Part of the agreement was that we would do some labor for them and we would get our space and utilities for free. There was a house that the park manager used to live in on the property which was not currently in use. The owners asked us if we could do some demo work getting it ready for new carpet and tile. That's right up our alley so we said sure. We got it knocked out pretty quickly, and ended up doing some other more "work camp" type work, which was good for us so we would know what to expect in the future. Jen got to spend some time in the office learning the daily tasks and the computer program they used for reservations. She had a great trainer that took her under her wing and showed her a lot of the ins and outs. This proved to be very helpful when she got to NC for the next work camp job. We also got to hang out with some of the other work campers and seemed to hit it off pretty well. We had a great time while at Road Runner RV Resort, and look forward to coming back soon. While we were there we also did several trips around the area to check out some of the sights, of which there are plenty.

One quick trip, was down the mountain to Wild Rivers Recreation Area, run by the Bureau of Land Management. It's a pretty neat area. Its where the Red River combines with the Rio Grande, in a pretty impressive gorge. We walked on a couple short trails and took in all the beautiful vistas.

We also found a "subdivision" up on top of Wild Horse Mesa in southern Colorado, that ended up being like a 3 hour side trip, but it was interesting and very remote.

We went to Taos a few times, mostly to get groceries, the one and only grocery store in Red River is quite a bit higher priced than in the bigger towns.

We took a couple trips up to Alamosa CO to check it out, it's a pretty neat town. We would have liked to go see Great Sand Dunes National Park, but we just never seemed to have the time. If we make it back to Red River it will be on our list to see.

Like I said we had a ton of fun up in the mountains and hopefully we'll be back soon, and be able to have some more adventures.

I recorded a dash cam video of driving out of the mountains from the bus enjoy it's a bit long, but the trip is pretty impressive.

Mission Statement

To use our skills and experience to provide assistance to those in need throughout small town USA either by personal requests, or through national volunteer organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Volunteers of America, local church outreach programs, and other smaller local organizations.

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