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Ahhhh I can see

Just a quick post on a couple simple bird projects. While in Norman Oklahoma I got a call from a friend of ours that has a Wanderlodge, and he had just ran into a post that he couldn't see at night. The headlights are not very good, especially for such a large vehicle. I absolutely hate driving at night, you just cant see crap. I had been debating getting some replacement headlights, but the ones I had researched were about $250.00 each, yeah, not cheap. And in case you didn't know, or hadn't noticed our bus has 4 headlights. So with some simple math and discussing it with the wallet keeper, I learned that $1000.00 may be too much for headlights, even though they may be the best. I started looking for cheaper alternatives. I found some on Amazon for about $30 each, and also had very good reviews.

Here's a picture of what can happen when you're driving at night and can't see well enough. I don't even want to know what that's going to cost to get fixed, nothing is cheap on these machines. This is my buddy's bus not mine.

I got them ordered and a few days later they arrived. It did a lot of raining while we were in Norman, so it was a few days before I got the chance to install them. Once I got a nice day, I took the opportunity to get them changed out. I started by taking the old ones out, the dual beam (high and low) headlights were in decent shape, but the high beams were junk. They were no longer "sealed" beam headlights, and all the reflective material had flaked off. They always seemed darker when looking at them, and the reason why was because there wasn't any shininess left, so what you were seeing was the bracket behind the headlight, no wonder I couldn't see crap at night.

The LED projection headlights I found are dual beam headlights, and the ones I was replacing were mixed. One pair was dual beam, and the other was high beam only. I did one side at a time, testing between each. I had to do some re-wiring because the dual beams were opposite of what the bus wiring was. Not a big deal, but it did take a bit of trial and error. The other issue I had was because I had to use the additional pigtail for the new headlights, it was a very tight fit for all the wires and pugs behind the headlight, but I taped them all up, and shouldn't have any issue with them.

I was a bit worried about the light from them bothering other drivers, but so far it hasn't been an issue. I haven't actually driven at night yet, so the juries still out on that. I did do some parking lot tests, and they are much, much better than stock sealed beams. I think it was a good investment, and almost hope for a time when I need to use them...almost.

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